Honestly, I'm not a slave to trends, but there's definitely something interesting going on right now. Celebrity scents are declining as more odd scented homes, unusual ingredients and individual perfumes emerge. Of course, perfume is still perfume and its delicious, charming aspect that we all love has not gone anywhere (praise), but we put more thought into the process of choosing perfume instead of catching the latest designer Eau Fraiche have been.

Mood swing is another type of perfume that is paving the way for a new front in perfume. It's not just about marketing there are some scientific implications of the strong link between fragrance and emotion. In fact, our sense of smell is directly connected to our limbic system - the part of the brain that acts on emotions and memory, as well as some - ahem - drive. (Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

The purpose of many perfumes is to take advantage of the perfume's ability to attract a potential partner - the most famous of the aforementioned as well as Charlotte Tulberry's an enchanting floral chipper with a clever Agenda, in the form of which a 'psychoactive' base has been created to mimic the body's natural pheromones ('pulling hormones' to neutralize it). While brand new fragrances are mixed with scientifically proven ingredients, such as Areamat Perpetua Immortelle flower natural extract that is associated with beta-endorphins stimulation as well as low levels of 'stress' is. This is evident in their musky floral with relaxing notes of vanilla and Earl Gray tea, essentially Hygge in a bottle perfect for preventing winter blues.

Gender neutral perfumes are a way of expressing such abominations that have dominated perfumes for the last half century, beyond the difference between 'for her' and 'for her'. And at a time when the subject of gender flow has never been more appropriate, there has never been a better choice. From Parfums de marly bold bergamot and vanilla bouquets to Escentric molecules to single note synthetics, and just plain fancy jasmine and leather (via Memo Paris) they are able to smell a lot.

And if you think there is no recent reason for patriotism then think again. British perfumers are giving the French a run for their money in creating the classic of the future. And let's not forget the tea the famous import that touches the heart of British culture, emerging in the form of perfumes at home and abroad. Whether you're an out of home Brit or a self made Anglophile Atkinson's flagship scent with a fragrant blend of black tea, roses and juniper you will literally have your Wilfried Kappa.

Like the history of Thunder, the Colognes may seem full of promise at first sight, but alas - don't stay too long. But recently, a large number of lemon-based fragrances have emerged to prove that there are colonies that can do the job of determination. One such character is Aesop, whose full heart of basil grand wort a spicy cousin of ordinary basil leaves - adds some extra substance to its zest top notes.

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